• Further period of criminal investigation

    Further period of criminal investigation

    We invite you to read the article of our lawyer Anna Boix Traserra on amendments to the Criminal Procedure Act for streamlining the criminal justice and penal further period of instruction. As noted in the letter posted on the blog of MPD by the Organic Law 13/2015, of 5 October and the strengthening of procedural guarantees and regulation of technological research measures, there has been a remarkable change in the Criminal Procedure Act in relation to the determination of the name of that person subject to criminal proceedings Inquiry because although before that person is called “imputed” today, and from 1st November this year, called “investigation”, a name that is much more suited to the purpose mentioned attended the instruction penal.A more than one may surprise you that from 31 October 1882, at which time he entered force the Criminal Procedure Act, instruction deadlines criminal proceedings are limited, but you can still surprise when one realizes that the instruction was limited within a month since the period of criminal investigation began.

    Also in this Act a new regulation of the terms of criminal investigation is given, it is determined that within criminal proceedings should be limited, generally six months, although for complex reasons instruction can last up to 18 months.

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