• Congress approved the Law of Criminal Procedure

    The House of Representatives has approved the amendment to the Criminal Procedure Law which will now be forwarded to the Senate. With this reform the judicial term “accused” which will be renamed “investigated” in a first phase and “accused” if the indictment is maintained once the investigation progresses changes. Thus, the negative connotation of the condition of the accused is diluted, since researched be confused with policing, the prosecutor or the judge.

    It opens a debate about this change because some parties consider that the condition of the accused should be sufficient to force the resignation of public office. As important finding, 19 mayors accused of corruption attended the last municipal elections.

    Furthermore, the text provides for a term of 18 months for the investigation of complex cases and can be expandable in some circumstances. The final text will give up the attempt to establish communications interventions without a warrant for serious crimes.

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