• Criminal Procedure Act: Prosecutors demand more staff

    Criminal Procedure Act: Prosecutors demand more staff

    The Association of Prosecutors requested adding staff and computer resources to meet deadlines of the new Criminal Procedure Act

    The Association of Prosecutors of Spain has requested an increase of templates and downloading some tasks assigned to public prosecutors to apply the deadlines set by the new Criminal Procedure Act, scheduled for December 5 and for which they have order the suspension of its entry into force.

    The spokesman for the association, which brings together 20% of the 2,500 active members of the prosecutorial career in Spain, Emilio Frias, has requested interconnection tools exist between the prosecution and the courts as another improvement “indisputable” to implement the reform of the Criminal Procedure Act. The Association believes that this reform, which introduces a period of six to 18 months for completion of judicial instructions, will be completely unworkable in some autonomous communities such as Castile and Leon, “is not provided with the means to carry it out.”

    To indicate that it is necessary that the prosecutors were released from the “improper overload functions” to be performed. Frias informed about the prosecutor involved in jobs that are not relevant to the defense of legality, public order and the exercise of criminal action, so free them from these functions would prevent the creation of new positions had to be high.

    The problem of deadlines, which are renewable, will not both large media cases that are “closely watched” as in the “hundreds of thousands” may also have to be reviewed and there are not enough tools to make proper control the maximum instructional time.


    However, in general, prosecutors believe that the law assumes great technical improvements compared to previous Criminal Procedure Act dating from the nineteenth century and is totally outdated in areas such as research tech crime. “Regular all such matters is always helpful and it was absolutely necessary to undertake certain reforms”






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