• Documentation and Protocols


    For the Crime Prevention Model to be truly effective, its implementation should be reflected in the daily activity of the company, thus creating an authentic culture of the need to prevent criminal acts from being committed.


    In short, our MPD model includes:

    • Risk analysis
    • Code of Ethics
    • Internal Regulations
    • Management support
    • Procedures and Controls
    • Distribution of responsibilities
    • Training
    • Sanctions
    • Reporting channel


    In particular, the Crime Prevention and Detection Protocol will consist of:

    • Crime Prevention Model (includes the complete list of criminal risks identified and the main controls existing to mitigate them)
    • Description of the Prevention Supervisor, including: mission, responsibilities, necessary means and their location within the organizational structure.
    • Self-Assessment Process of the Crime Prevention Model.
    • Response Plan in the face of the crimes committed in the organization.
    • High-level Training Plan on the main new developments represented by the reform of the criminal code and on the actions carried out in the company.


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