• Enters into force the new Criminal Code amending the criminal liability of legal person


    With the entry into force of the new Penal Code, today July 1, 2015, amending the criminal liability of legal persons and introduced into the Spanish legal system the figure of the Compliance Officer, who is in charge of monitoring the effectiveness of the internal regulatory controls of companies.

    Companies not only have criminal responsibility for crimes committed by those authorized to make decisions on your behalf, or for those who hold powers of organization and control in it, but also by any other person under his authority to commit a crime on their behalf, provided that seriously violate the duties of supervision, monitoring and control of the company.

    The novelty of this reform of the Penal Code which provides that companies can be exempted in the case of introducing the figure of the Compliance Officer aforementioned, and implement effective regulatory compliance programs, ie Models Crime Prevention. And even in Spain until now only large companies had these models, with the new Criminal Code measure is extended to any company, whatever its size and sector.

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