• Increases in insurance fraud

    Increases in insurance fraud

    Fraud insurance sector is a criminal activity of great importance. Each year, 435,000 entities detect attempted fraud. These false or exaggerated claims demanding compensation or payment valued at 2,000 million euros benefits. The branches most affected are the auto insurance and multi-risk home (and, within this, theft coverage). Fraud is a very varied phenomenon that is committed or attempted by criminal organizations, sophisticated fraudster and also by occasional or opportunistic fraudsters. Therefore, fraud presents different challenges from the standpoint of prevention, location and research.

    Therefore, on Tuesday November 17 2015, the director general of the Civil Guard, Arsenio Fernandez de Mesa Diaz del Rio; and the president of the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance (UNESPA), Pilar González de Frutos, have signed an operating procedure between the two institutions to investigate cases of fraud to insurers.

    More information on the blog of MPD

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