• Keys of the crime prevention model


    The introduction of our crime prevention programme brings clear benefits. In particular, a programme of this type allows the company to:

    • prevent crime from being committed internally;
    • improve its defence options, as a legal entity, in the criminal procedures that are initiated as a result of presumably criminal acts committed by its legal representatives, de facto or de jure administrators and employees;
    • avoid the declaration of criminal liability based on the accreditation of “due control” in relation to the behaviour of their legal representatives, de facto or de jure administrators and employees;
    • enjoy, in the future, reasonable certainty of the adaptation of its commercial practices to the criminal liability regime foreseen for legal entities;
    • favour and promote legal, transparent and ethical practices in the market, boosting the entity’s external image;
    • raise awareness and train the company executives in criminal risks,thus also helping to prevent possible individual criminal charges for this group;

    The key to the design of our crime prevention programme lies in its pragmatic approach, ensuring that both the organization and the prevention measures are effective, coherent, and fully adapt to the specific criminal risk problems of each company.

    We therefore shape the Crime Prevention Model as a criminal risk management system, that is to say a set of elements which establish the foundations and the organizational support necessary to design, implement, monitor, review and continuously improve the activities carried out with the aim of preventing, detecting and dealing with the crimes that may possibly occur in the company and which could provoke the criminal liability of the legal entity.


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