• Legal counsel and accused the PP treasurer for false dismissal Barcenas

    Legal counsel and accused the PP treasurer for false dismissal Barcenas

    Judge Arturo Zamarriego been called to testify next February 9 investigated as the manager and treasurer of the PP, Carmen Navarro and Alberto Nunez legal counsel to clarify whether the party knew that the extreasurer

    Luis Barcenas had requested their return by a letter. Both people are called to testify in the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Madrid as investigated replacing imputed figure in the reform of the Criminal Procedure Act.

    The judge decided after hearing cite press charges against the chief of staff of the PP, Milagros Puentes, who acknowledged that he lied to Justice on the readmission of Barcenas in the match. Puentes were justified ensuring Nunez Navarro and who asked her to lie.

    Bárcenas accuses Milagros Puentes procedural fraud and forgery in an affidavit in connection with the lawsuit for wrongful dismissal and extesorero in which he claimed his reinstatement in the party. The extreasurer provided a document dated February 12, 2010, sealed and signed by the PP Puentes for which asked to be readmitted after his leave as a senator.

    In this regard, Puentes said in the judgment “that that letter was never delivered, transmitted or exhibited by the sender (Bárcenas), and has not placed in the same seal or signature of receiving accreditation.” However, Puentes admitted to the judge Zamarriego your signature on that letter, but failed to explain contained therein.

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