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    -The activities of the company and its employees which give rise to situations of the risk of criminal acts being committed must be identified. This represents a direct intervention in the sphere of the company by the work team in order to be able to review processes, systems, protocols, lines of activity, related to the administrations and to third parties, the environmental situation, taxation, etc.

    This exhaustive work leads to the preparation of a map of criminal risks defined in the company studied.

    -From an organizational point of view, our proposal includes advice on the creation of a criminal risk control body, which guarantees the effective detection required by the Criminal Code.

    Internal regulations will also be prepared in order to purge any activity which creates or could create unacceptable risks of criminal acts being committed, and to establish an effective system of sanctions in this sphere.

    -The proposals that we prepare will also consider different corporate situations, so that in small-sized legal entities, with a low number of employees and not very diversified activities, the surveillance and control functions can be taken on by the company directors themselves.


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