• Newsletter July: reform of the Penal Code Analysis

    Newsletter July: reform of the Penal Code Analysis

    Themes MPD newsletter this month: Analysis of the Penal Code (article Francesc Jufresa and Ferran Grasas at magazine Catalunya Empresarial. It shows that the Penal Code is a modification of basic institutions such as the own system of penalties, which introduces the permanent prison. In addition, the faults are removed and a new division between serious and minor offenses is created. However, the reform includes a positive element, as it regulates in detail the implementation of models crime prevention, as a result of the regulation of the criminal responsibility of legal persons and mitigating circumstances it).

    The judges Enrique Lopez and Concepcion Espejel challenged in the Gürtel case, Article 219 of the Judiciary Act includes as one of the grounds for challenge the “intimate friendship or enmity with any party.”

    Policy analysis concerning the entry into force of the new Penal Code on 1 July.

    Cooperation agreements in the fight against crime between Niger and Spain and between Spain and Panama: Both countries will cooperate in the fight against criminal acts such as terrorism, smuggling of migrants and trafficking, or organized forms of crime against sexual freedom, especially those involving children, among many other crimes.

    Jurisprudence: Crime against the Treasury and forgery, tax fraud: non-payment of VAT, misappropriation, loss of property, lifting of the injunction granted by the Tax Agency.

    News related to the reform of the Penal Code sector and the need for programs Models Compliance Office or Crime Prevention for companies from the entry into force of the new text and other news on criminal offenses and criminal liability the legal person.

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