• Oct MPD Newsletter: Reform of the Organic Constitutional Court

    Newsletter MPD October, destacados topics: the reform enters into force of the Organic Law on the Constitutional Court. Introduce instrumentos Reform Implementation to the Court of Dothan in a haz potestad to secure the effective pursuance about rulings. Así Lauch reform the judicial functions of aid so that the Court of Execution Puedo undertake its resolutions bien bien directly or through whatever the public power.

    News Legislativas: Organic Law 13/2015, of modification of the Law of Criminal Judgment for the strengthening of the procedural garantías. The present regulation seeks the strengthening of human procedural conforms with the exigencies of the Law of the European Union and the regulación de las medidas research of technology in the field of the rights to intimacy, secrecy of communications ya la protección de datos personales garantizados fear the Constitución.Ley 41/2015 of modification of the Law of Criminal Judgment for the agilización of criminal justice, it regulates the development requires no ISSUES THROUGH Organic Law, which tends regulación a parallel with a standard dicho rango . Y Ley 34/2015, partial modification of the General Tax Law, which continues down the guidelines marcadas by the Law 36/2006 of 29 November, of Measures to the prevention of tax evasion, and the newer Ley 7/2012, 29 October, modification of the regulations and Budget and Taxation of Financial adecuación regulations for the intensification of the activities in the prevention and fight against fraud.
    Normative analysis of MPD Implementation of the sentences in the TC Project to reform the Organic Law on the Constitutional Court.
    News jurisprudence: Falseamiento accounting, delightful heritage against orden y against the socioeconomic and delight scam contest with medial falsedad in commercial documents.
    Access to the article on MPD blog about self-laundering and tax fraud

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