• Our Teams

    MPD is made up of the members of two large professional firms: Jufresa & Grasas, Abogados Penalistas and FIDE, Asesores Legales y Tributarios.



    Jufresa & Grasas, Abogados Penalistas

    Jufresa & Grasas, Abogados Penalistas is a law firm established in 1988 as a joint office for criminal defence. For decades its partners have accepted full liability for defence in cases of economic criminal law or criminal law applied to business activity.

    The firm has intervened in a large part of the most important public court cases and in the defence of numerous institutions and public corporations of Catalonia, both in the regional government and in the local and institutional sphere. It has thus uninterruptedly defended various public companies from all sectors. The law firm has likewise offered counsel and defence on criminal matters to leading national and international companies.

    Jufresa & Grasas, Abogados Penalistas has moreover always been active in research on and devotion to the criminal problem, as shown by the numerous articles and monographs that its partners have published in scientific journals. They have also participated in many conferences and individual teaching activities, and as a law firm in various Universities, Professional Associations, Business Associations, Legal Practice Schools, Master’s Degrees, etc. They have even collaborated on draft legislation, thus demonstrating the scientific and professional level of the firm.


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