• The Infanta Cristina declare the latter by the “case Nóos”

    The Infanta Cristina declare the latter by the “case Nóos”

    The judiciary shall decide whether the doctrine applies Booty

    The Infanta Cristina will be the last of the 18 defendants in state court in the trial of Nóos, in the case of the prosecution to her once the preliminary issues that arise when the parties begin to be dealt hearing is maintained. The phase of the trial begins on 11 January, when it will then decide whether the case against the King’s sister remains. The rest of the defendants declared between 9 and 26 febrero.Por Meanwhile, 363 witnesses proposed by the prosecution will do between 8 March and 17 May. These dates have been established by the Court of Balearics.

    The judiciary shall decide whether the “Botin doctrine” established by the Supreme Court in a judgment of 2007, which states that, in summary proceedings, can not open trial only at the request of the Prosecution applied to the infant. Cristina de Borbon is charged with two tax crimes, as alleged in the Nóos cooperative case.

    The prosecutor does not accuse the princess and is expected to release judges from the bench when the preliminary issues to be dealt on day 11.Only Clean Hands holds the charge against him. Thus, as the King’s sister was not on the prosecutor’s indictment Pedro Horrach, it is incorporated at the end of the list of the prosecutor. The first three are interrogated excargos the Balearic Government José Luis Ballester Tuliesa, Gonzalo Garcia Bernal and Juan Carlos Joaquin Alía Pino- and president Jaume Matas.

    They will also decide on possible further preliminary issues such as the annulment of the instruction to raise the defense of Diego Torres, Inaki Urdangarin partner in Nóos institute.

    In the event that the court confirmed the legitimacy of Clean Hands to take public indictment of the Infanta, the declared last, upon completion of the other 17 defendants will begin to appear from the February 9, starting with the former CEO Sports of the Balearic Government José Luis “Pepote” Ballester.

    The defense strategy Cristina de Borbon focuses on avoiding, again, to remain in the trial the charge against him for tax fraud. Before Judge Jose Castro and the same Court of Palma, Infanta and said there is no evidence against it and, in any case, Clean Hands is not entitled to exercise only accuser ram against it in relation to a crime interest and the State Administration.

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