• The justice is studying criminal liability in the case of the “Black” Card

    The National Court judge Fernando Andreu instructor Bankia case studies the mismanagement of Miguel Blesa and Rodrigo Rato as head of Caja Madrid. The judge wants to determine which payments were made with calling cards Black, many were made at night, on holidays or weekends, and how many were cloned. From there it will be determined on who could extend criminal liability.
    At the moment there is sufficient evidence to attribute a crime of unfair administration, at least extended to members of the board and control committee endorse the use of “plastic money”, which ultimately affected their own benefit.
    Judge doubt, however, if possible to attribute a crime of misappropriation, in the case that the cards had been used for personal enjoyment and not for expenses. Some defendants stated that the use of these cards was strictly professional, but others, however, admitted profiting personally but it was justifying a professional retribution.

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