• The self-laundering and tax fraud


    The recent ruling of July 23, 2015 STS 23.07.2015 in which the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence pending the accused for the crime of insider trading in the stock market (art. 285 PC) and for a crime (self) of the profits from stock market investment laundering. In this case, the Court held that “the conduct of the appellant is not limited to the mere use or enjoyment of the profits in their criminal activity, but in a plural act of concealment both the origin of the money and the beneficial ownership, foreign bank, several numbered accounts used and filed Panamanian corporations. ”
    If this I moved to tax offenses, you can understand that mere possession of tax liability disappointed and classified as a tax offense, not a self-laundering capital, but would be subsumed if invested in investment goods or coded accounts or in offshore shell companies.
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