Criminal compliance training.

Training in Criminal risks

A Compliance culture lies in the continuous training of a company's teams. Quality training in the criminal field in a practical, comprehensible and certifiable way will help your organization to reach this goal.

MPD offers both:

Attendance-based training tailor-made and taught by prestigious professionals.

Our e-learning platform that allows all stakeholders in an organization to become aware of criminal risks and learn appropriate response mechanisms.

"Código Compliance" e-Learning

A training developed with COOKIE BOX a consulting firm that specializes in organizational training, development, transformation and internal communication, merging Management, Art and Technology, allowing:

A real cultural change: keeps the interest for its contents and transmits basic concepts;

The organization to spread its Compliance culture with qualitative and quantitative criteria (KPIs, certifications...).


Accessible from a content platform that allows monitoring and evaluation of each employee. Each module consists in a series that showcases a criminal risk situation that could occur in any organization, completed with a brief explanation of crimes as defined by Spanish CriminalCode and a test for each person's evaluation.

Available contents (currently in Spanish) are the following:

Challenge 0. The Compliance System

Challenge 1. Corruption

Challenge 2. Fraud

Challenge 3. Tax Offenses

Challenge 4. Money laundering and financing of terrorism

Challenge 5. Computer damage crimes and breach of confidence

Challenge 6. Crimes against the market and consumers

Contents can be customized to adapt each business reality.

Learn more under www.codigocompliance.com

MPD offers:

To credit specific Criminal Compliance training with certifications.

To adapt the training modules to each organization's needs.