Whistleblowing channel and report management tool

Whistleblowing channel

Key element of any Criminal Compliance Program

Allows following-up of complaints and reporting of criminal risks

Legal obligation

Anti-money laundering legislation already requires organizations to provide effective reporting channels, under penalty of fines.

Obligation imposed by Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament, from December 2021, for:

All companies with more than 50 employees.

Public administrations and municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

Continuous program improvement

Managing complaints allows:

To tackle, avoid and / or repair specific risks,

The continuous improvement of the program by detecting new risks, organizational defects or setting new controls.

Improve existing policies, procedures and controls or implement new ones.

Our own software

Our software allows the management of notifications through a tool that includes:

An online form, accessible to all members and stakeholders who can send anonymous and totally secure notification of possible infractions.

A Complaint management system run by the Compliance Officer.

The documentation of all issues in a notification (identity of complainant and complainant, facts, evidence, etc.)

The documentation of all actions carried out for its investigation and resolution (interviews, reports, resolution proposals, etc.)

The preparation of reports for the administration body.

Statistical reports on complaints and the platform use.

Storage of internal policies and regulations and monitoring of their modifications.

MPD offers:

1. A software license for the internal use of the tool by the organization's Compliance Officer.

2. The externalization of the Whistleblowing channel, so that our teams receive, manage and even investigate complaints and notifications.